Benefit From Move‑Outs

Attract new residents by having a rating from every move-out. Create more reasons why people should rent at your multi‑family, single‑family and vacation properties.

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Attract Financially‑Savvy Renters

Ratings are based on lease-end charges, information considered vital by renters.

And ratings themselves are vital-

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Easy Set-Up, Lasting Impact

We can integrate with your property management system to start generating impactful ratings.

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Effortlessly squeeze more value out of every rental

It happens automatically: 1 move-out becomes 1 rating. The magnitude of lease-end charges relative to rent determines the rating e.g. low damage + cleaning charges = a great rating.

Additional Benefit For Your Residents

In New York City alone, we have identified over 523 buildings that require reference letters to move in! So as an additional benefit, if a property is signed up, residents can sign up to save their history (length of stay, paying rent on time, leaving without excessive damage charges, etc.) to use like a modern reference or rental verification letter.

Feel like we're a good fit? We can take you from zero to ratings in less than 1 month.

Check out our pricing, you will be pleasantly surprised

The Final Piece of the Ratings Puzzle

Numerous marketing services stress the importance of online reputation management (ORM). But has ORM significantly expanded your number of ratings? How impactful are any additional ratings created? OpenProperty is the final piece of the ratings puzzle: overcome gaps in ORM and drive major ratings creation.


Will This Work for You?

YES is the likely answer if you ask for low security deposits. If you ask for low security deposits it is probably because you don't have heavy lease end charges!

E.g. A low security deposit would be $750 on an $1,800 a month rental.

Everything should have some benefit for the owner - even move-outs.

Not totally sure? Chat with us to see if we're a good fit.