Delight current residents. Attract new residents.

OpenProperty is a reputation management tool for renters and rental apartments, providing unique value to each.

Value to Residents

Look Good.

Delight current residents. Provide residents the opportunity to look good -- to build, and benefit from having, rental history with you.

  • Modern verification letters.
  • Modern Reference letters.

Feel Good.

Attract new residents. Enhance your online search results to help would-be renters feel good about signing your lease.

  • Ratings backed by verified rental history
  • Demonstrated accountability / trust

Value to Property

To gauge how well we delight and attract renters, look to these key performance indicators:

  • Resident Adoption: Look at resident adoption. OpenProperty is optional for residents, so when they truly value what we do they sign up.
  • Online Reputation: OpenProperty generates reviews on your property and management company. Look at how highly search engines rank this information.

Later, after you see that OpenProperty has been working well, talk to us about the increased functionality we can offer to optimize move-in costs for enhanced revenue.

OpenProperty is inexpensive and simple to use.

  • The cost is on par with adding another smartphone to your contract - not a major decision.
  • Depending upon your systems, we offer various degrees of integration.
  • A short sales consultation should be able to answer all of your questions.