Build history when you rent.

OpenProperty is a modern substitute for reference letters.

Before your rental ends, sign up so that OpenProperty can collect information on your rental. What you can get out of it:

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A Reference Letter

Save your history - don’t let it be thrown away. OpenProperty is a free solution for accumulating rental history and being able to use it like a reference letter. *

A Landlord You Can Trust ℠

Participate and your experience with lease-end charges will be anonymously reported to our public pages. * Information is the foundation of trust.


$$$ Incentives

Select properties can reward renters that participate - so long as your history is not negative. See property pages for specific benefits if any.


Find participating properties.
View ratings and rental history.

Sign up

Sign up and build history.
Get more out of your rental.

* Reporting by a property assuming ongoing participation of the property in OpenProperty. Properties may un-enroll at any time if the property is sold, management changes, or for any other reason.