For Landlords

Do More for Residents & Your Reputation.

Show deference to good residents. Responsible, long-term renters can benefit from the rental history that OpenProperty allows them to build.

Defend your reputation. Responsible renters stand to benefit so they are more likely to participate. Their positive history helps build your positive history.

Information is the foundation of trust.

With OpenProperty, a rental is more likely to begin and end positively.


When prospective renters come into your leasing office, they will feel more informed and comfortable if you are open about property history.


Turn that frown upside down. If you give someone an unexpected bill, it’s natural for them to feel upset or even angry. OpenProperty offers a clear check-and-balance on move-out charges so that a renter can more easily trust that the outcome was fair.

Additionally, instead of being discarded, participants’ positive rental history is acknowledged - letting your renters leave with something positive and useful if they continue to rent.

When deciding on a rental, prospects consider: how much they like the property; how much it costs, and what the landlord’s reputation is.

OpenProperty addresses lease-end charges head-on; we can speak clearly about your cost and reputation.

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